Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Springtime of Possibility

We were all inspired by the wonderful anniversary event Sunday, Dec 7 hosted by
the People's Weekly World in Connecticut where the Amistad Award was presented
to Juan Hernandez, Kathy Jackson and Al Marder. We celebrated the great election
victory, and carrying on the fighting spirit of Merrilee Milstein, we committed ourselves to continuing together in the hard work for the big, bold changes our nation cries out for. The audio will be posted next week.

Attached below is the report by Sam Webb to the meeting of the National Committee
of the CPUSA held on November 15, 2008 just after the election, "A Springtime of
Possibility." Also Joelle Fishman's report from the Political Action Commission, "Landslide Mandate for Change."

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A Springtime of Possibility:

Landslide Mandate for Change:

See you on the frontlines to realize the possibilities for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, massive federal funding for jobs to rebuild our infrastructure and meet our needs, health care for everyone, an end to raids and deportations and a path to citizenship, and to bring our troops home and establish a new peacetime economy and foreign policy.