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The workers from Park Place, Birmingham, Hilltop, and Laurel Hill health care centers, District 1199, have spent the last eight months on the picket lines fighting Spectrum.

Your support is encouraged. What follows are things that you can do to help the picketers and pictures of the Angry Santa Rally --"BAD SPECTRUM! NO PRESENTS FOR YOU!"


JOIN THE PICKET LINES ANYTIME BETWEEN 6 AM AND 12 MIDNIGHT at the following strike locations:

Birmingham Health Center, 210 Chatfield Street, DerbyCT
Hilltop Health Center, 126 Ford Street, Ansonia
Laurel Hill Healthcare, 106 East Lake Street, Winsted
Park Place Health Center, 5 Greenwood Street, Hartford
If you can, bring wood (and kindling) for the fire barrel.


Send a donation to: The 1199 Strike and Defense Fund. Checks should be sent to: District 1199, 77 Huyshope Avenue , Hartford , CT 06106. The union has been on strike since April 15, 2010


Posted and Photo's by Tom Connolly

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Voices for Jobs, Equality & Peace POETRY

The Voices for Jobs, Equality & Peace People's World Amistad Awards Concert was extraordinary. Hillhouse High School auditorium was filled on Sunday, December 5 with the fabulous jazz of Jeff Fuller & Friends, labor songs by Bill Collins of the Rabble Rousers, and poetry by Baub Bidon and Ken Brown / Analysis. John Olsen, president of the CT AFL CIO, Carmen Boudier, president of New England 1199, and Juan Figueroa, president of Universal Health Care Foundation reflected on their years of commitment and called for stepped up unity and struggle in the tough times ahead for working people. Joelle Fishman, chair of the Connecticut Communist Party USA presented the awards along with members of the YCL on the occasion of the 91st anniversary of the Communist Party. Commemorative t-shirts are still available with the event logo embroidered. Video and photos will be available before the holidays. Here are the poens performed by Ken Brown.

Immigration Acrostic
By Ken Brown, June 2010

Asinine interjections of anti-immigrant hate create
Bathos to any expectation of intelligent thought
Coming from those who, in their own insecurities,
Denigrate those who cross oceans and cross burning deserts—having been
Excluded from all that mutual wealth
Free trade agreements egregiously guaranteed.
Greed runs rampant as big bosses make profits while
Hypocritical descendants of immigrants clamor about an
Imagined invasion, their ignorance exceedingly ugly.
Jokes are played on folks from around the world who anticipated
Kind and warm welcome to this “land of the free.”
Labor under-rewarded is order of the day,
Manipulated by rulers of capital capitalizing off the
Need of poor folk and refugees to replenish their children’s bellies,
Or remit something home to stave off starvation.
Prejudice is prescribed through parapets and prohibitive policies.
Queries as to how we might best welcome our new neighbors are deflected by
Restrictionists who reroute public thought with lies of how immigration
Supposedly steals from “our” surplus and sacks “our” social order.
Those tainted by Tanton tout English-only as the only form of acceptable communication, and
Undervalue ethnic studies that enhance a healthy society. My people:
Void from your souls all such vitriol against those who arrive.
White America is threatened, in the minds of the haters, and
Xenophobic fear is what they will tempt you to.
You, however, must be wise to such lies, and permit
Zero tolerance for hate against the newcomer in this place.

Poem for the Farmworkers Freedom March (with particular mobilization against Publix Super Markets, Inc.), led by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, April 16-18, 2010—Ken Brown

As I bite into a delicious Jubilee
I’m forced to wonder if the person who picked it is even free.
You see, I grew up with images of the noble existence of those who collected
The fruit of the earth, in idyllic scenes perfected
By a peaceful farming life; no oppression, no strife.
At least that’s what they told us.
Brainwashed us with some wholesome image; a bill of goods they sold us
‘Cause the goods they sell us come to us from pain they don’t tell us about.
So when the workers cry out, we react with doubt.
Finding it hard to believe that what we buy from our supermarket isn’t always retrieved
With the due respect we thought all farmworkers received.
But, for real--this isn’t Green Acres or Hew Haw, yall;
This ain’t the Little House on the Prairie or even Smallville; naw,
This is how most of our food gets to our plate,
through this county’s traditional estate
of labor exploitation cultivated in hate.

A Steinbeck scene put into current context;
I never could have guessed what would be next.
Human beings being stressed by oppressors,
Stomped like grapes of wrath run through presses
Weighted down by pails of 30-plus pounds.
Long, backbreaking days and incessant rounds
Of picking those green, red-orange delectables that we find so acceptable
To be on our plates, bountiful, the corporation not accountable.

Statue says, “Give me your…masses yearning to be free.”
Seems to be a lie to me
‘Cause if you don’t look like one of the dominant culture, but have a hue more like some of you or me,
You might end up yearnin’ for a freedom you can’t see.

Free trade agreements give the poor the “freedom” of starvation
Or of sending a loved one off to a plantation
To be welcomed with greetings
Of locks and chains, pistol whippings and beatings.
Workers putting their lives at stake for a beefsteak! The bosses know what they’re doing; it’s no mistake.
They’re more interested in the quantity of their Better Boys and Big Girls than in the quality conditions that would allow workers’ children be better boys, or grow up to be big girls.

“You say tomato, I say tomato;”
Corporations say the same old bullshit bravado!
Creating mix of publicity and tricks
With which to confuse the public’s wits;
Concealing the public’s knowledge of the battering and the sticks.
Making a profit off the public’s ignorance is how they get their kicks!
Tricking the public into hopping on over to where shopping is a pleasure—
As long as you don’t measure the blood, sweat and tears
Harvested in this treasure that supports executive leisure.

But, collectively, the workers grow stronger like a fine wine!
We follow their leadership; ally with them, knowing that over time
Justice will prevail in the fields and
Human rights will be deemed more important than what a crop yields.
Their spirit is strong, and even in the midst of tears they sing freedom songs.
So, with them, we continue the Struggle. Though the road may be long,
Integrity is ours, and to us the victory belongs!

Kultivate, mwen v’ swete fos te a pou ou!
Kultivate, mwen v’ swete fos te a pou ou!
Trabajadores, que la fuerza de la tierra es suya!
Trabajadores, que la fuerza de la tierra es suya!
Farmworkers, may the strength of the earth be yours!
Farmworkers, may the strength of the earth be yours!
Coalition, may the strength, may the strength,
may the strength of the earth be yours!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Photo Above: Carmen Boudier, beign arrested on the Park Place Health Center picket line. Carmen is president of New England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199.

There will be holiday rally to support the Spectrum Workers who have been on the picket line for eight months! Please attend and invite friends.

TIME: 11:00 AM TO 12:30 PM
FOR MORE INFO CALL: 860-251-6013

Join the workers of Park Place, Birmingham, Hilltop, and Laurel Hill and SOLIDARITY SANTA! Solidarity Santa will deliver cold to the bad Spectrum bosses!

When you join in support on Decmber 18th, here's how you can also help the wokers: Bring wood (and kindling) for the fire barrel and a decoration for the Christmas tree.

Posted by Tom Connolly



WHAT: Rally for Universal Health Care with the Interfaith Fellowship for Universal Health Care and Governor-Elect Dan Malloy

WHEN: Tuesday December 14th, from 5:30-6:30pm

WHERE: Emanuel Lutheran Church, 311 Capitol Ave, Hartford (across from the LOB)

WHY: Because our lives and the lives of those we love depend on this!

"Of all forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane." -MLK, Jr.
* * * * * * * * * *
For more information call or email CCNE:
Rhona Cohen at (860)-805-3926 or;
Jaime Myers-McPhail at (203)-710-1084 or
Jaime can reserve your seat on the free, round-trip 4:00pm bus from New Haven.
Posted by Tom Connolly

Sunday, November 28, 2010

People's World Amistad Awards Concert Dec 5

'Voices for Jobs, Equality & Peace'

Three extraordinary state leaders have been named as recipients of the Amistad Award to be presented by the People's World on Sunday, December 5, 2010 at 4:00 pm at James Hillhouse High School, 480 Sherman Parkway, New Haven.

John Olsen, Carmen Boudier and Juan Figueroa lave long been in the forefront for jobs, health care and basic human needs, workers' rights, equal representation, voting rights and peace. From the picket line to the voting line they have each exemplified the strength and unity that it takes to keep our country moving forward.
The annual awards will be presented at a special anniversary concert, “Voices for Jobs, Equality & Peace.....A concert for people's needs not corporate greed.” Jazz and Latin music, labor songs and spoken word will be presented by an array of artists including Bill Collins of the Rabble Rousers, Hermanos Son, a jazz set with Jeff Fuller, William Fluker and friends, Richard Hill, Baub Bidon, DJ Bell and Ken Brown.

The post-election event is dedicated to expanding grass roots action to achieve good jobs, equal rights and a redirection of funds to meet the needs of local communities and youth.

John Olsen has devoted his life to the cause of working people since he started out as a member of the Plumbers union. During his tenure as president of the CT AFL-CIO he has been instrumental in winning legislation, union contracts and elections that have expanded opportunity and raised the quality of life for all workers and their families
Carmen Boudier, president of New England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199, first joined the union when she organized the nursing home where she worked. She has led many ground-breaking organizing drives and contract battles including the six month on-going strike against Spectrum health care.

Juan Figueroa has been a pioneer for Latino representation and civil rights law in many capacities at the state and national level. His leadership of the Universal Health Care Foundation put Connecticut in front with the passage of Sustinet. He was the first Puerto Rican candidate for Governor of Connecticut in the 2010 Democratic primaries.

To make reservations and order tickets at $10 each, or $5 for students and limited imcome, contact or call 203-624-8664.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


WASHINGTON - Angry but undaunted, the labor movement called for a flood of emails, letters, personal visits and petition signatures demanding that the “lame duck” lawmakers on Capitol Hill approve an extension of unemployment benefits before they adjourn for the holidays in December.

Chicago Jobs With Justice members collected signatures on a petition to “Save the Holidays” in the Loop demanding that Congress act during the lame duck session to extend benefits for the two million jobless workers facing termination of their weekly checks. In a YouTube video John Bachtell said it is “outrageous” that Republicans are determined to extend tax cuts for millionaires while denying lifeline benefits to the unemployed during Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

Jobless workers and their labor movement allies are urging supporters to call the Capitol switchboard 1-877-662-2889 and ask to be connected to their Representative and Senators to tell the lawmakers to act now to extend the benefits.

The movement is reacting to the House vote 258-154 with Republican voting to block “fast track” extension of the benefits. It was 17 votes shy of the supermajority needed to break the Republican stonewall.

Earlier this month, Working America, an affiliate of the AFL-CIO staged a picketline outside the office of House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, to protest his role in blocking “fast track” House approval of extended UI benefits.

UCubed, a pro-labor website announced an “Unemployment Insurance Lobby Day on Dec. 1” in Washington, D.C. with thousands of jobless workers and union members expected to descend on lawmakers offices to demand a full-year extension of jobless benefits.

“Unless Congress reauthorizes the current program before it expires on Nov. 30th, jobless benefits will be cut off for about 2 million workers by the end of December,” UCubed stated.

Unemployment benefits run out Nov. 30 for 800,000 jobless workers. An additional 1.2 million unemployed will exhaust their benefits before the end of the year – a grim Thanksgiving and holiday prospect for these workers and their families.

Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., said, “The message to 4 million Americans will be that the Republican Party doesn’t care whether you have a Christmas or a way to fund your mortgage or a way to put food on the table for the next three months.”

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said, “The American people, struggling with high unemployment, continue to look to their leaders for a lifeline until they get back to work. Today Democrats voted to extend unemployment insurance … unfortunately, Republicans did not. Our first priority is to create jobs…Unemployment insurance is a proven economic booster, returning $2 into the economy for every $1 invested. We will continue to work for an emergency short-term extension to get families through the holidays.”

But a group called the “99ers” consisting of 3-5 million jobless workers who have exceeded the 99-week statutory limit on unemployment compensation is urging passage of HR-6419, a bill to provide a full year of extended benefits which they would be eligible to receive. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., according to a staffer, is “working around the clock” to build support for the “Americans Want to Work Act” that would add 20 weeks of unemployment benefits in states with an unemployment rate of 7.5 percent or higher. At least 100,000 unemployed join the ranks of the “99ers” each week.

A recent study by the U.S. Labor Department finds that unemployment insurance is even more effective than previously thought in stimulating the economy. Key findings include:

* For every dollar spent on UI benefits, economic activity increases by $2.

* During each quarter of the recent recession, UI benefits kept an average 1.6 million other Americans on the job.

* At the height of the recession, UI benefits saved 1.8 million jobs from being lost and kept the unemployment rate 1.2 percentage points lower.

* UI benefits reduced the fall in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 18 percent. GDP was $175 billion higher in 2009 than it would have been without these lifeline benefits.

by: Tim Wheeler - Peoples World On-Line - November 24 2010
Please visit and sign up for your free subscription
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

West Haven IWagePeace Walk creates interfaith unity

by: Henry Lowendorf
People's World October 26 2010

WEST HAVEN, CONN. - "During a time when fear of Islam misguides our citizens toward mistrust, hatred, and harm, act before something awful takes place." On October 24, three hundred participants heard that message from Bruce Barrett introducing the first I Wage Peace Walk.

Walking together by the West Haven, Conn. shoreline attracted Christians, Jews and Muslims. Sandwich boards along the path displayed sage advice from the three faiths along with photos and statements of peacemakers like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Also displayed were stills from the award-winning documentary, "The Billboard From Bethlehem," produced by Barrett in 2007.

The video documents the experiences of Combatants for Peace, "a group of Israeli and Palestinian fighters, who after seeing each other only through the sights of guns, decided to lay down their weapons and fight for peace and justice for both societies using non-violent means." The documentary also shows the painting of a giant billboard on the West Bank by Israeli and Palestinian children.

At the furthest point of the walk is a garden site honoring veterans. There, after the approximately hour-long walk, the band "The Afro-Semitic Experience" played dance-to music. Following were brief talks from religious leaders. The theme echoed that no one religion has all the answers nor is responsible for all the violence in the world. Profits from the I Wage Peace Walk were slated to be donated to Combatants for Peace.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

People Before Profits: Sound bites about jobs

by: Art Perlo
People's World October 14 2010

In my home state of Connecticut, I am bombarded with ads from businesswoman Linda McMahon. She has already spent over $24 million of her huge fortune in an effort to capture Connecticut's open Senate seat. McMahon's rhetoric echoes fellow Republicans around the country who say: "Government doesn't create jobs. Small business creates jobs. Cut job-killing government spending. And Cancel the stimulus."

This article will examine some of these sound bytes.

When does small business creates jobs?

The Republicans are fond of saying that small business creates 70 percent of all jobs. They don't tell you that small business is also responsible for 70 percent of all layoffs. That's the nature of small business. They start up and go out of business all the time.

Business, small or large, hire more workers when they have more customers. If customers are cutting back, business cuts back. It's that simple.

Don't take my word for it. The National Federation of Independent Business asked its members, "What is your single most important problem?" The answer was not taxes, not unions, not labor, not government red tape. The biggest problem for small business is poor sales -- not enough customers! And there are no customers because we are all broke, unemployed, drowning in mortgage and credit card debt.

When union's workers are able to win higher wages, their income flows back into the local economy. Yes, unions are good for small, local business!

But the fastest way to create jobs in the private sector is to increase government spending.

Unemployment compensation, food stamps and other safety net programs are immediately spent at the local supermarket, gas station, and other businesses. A study by the Congressional Budget Office found this kind of government spending among the most effective in creating jobs!

Government spending on infrastructure, education, and medical care helps the businesses that supply these industries. And government workers' paychecks are also spent supporting businesses in the local and national economy.

McMahon and Republicans are against government spending and against unions. So they are really against small business and small business job creation.

Is government spending evil?

McMahon's TV ads say, "Cut job-killing government spending." This makes no sense at all. Almost every dollar spent by the government creates jobs.

Seventeen percent -- more than one of every six workers -- is directly employed by the federal, state or local governments. And for every worker with a government paycheck, another worker is employed by a private business selling supplies or services to the government, or providing the things the workers buy with their paychecks.

Since January 2009, the economic crisis has caused state and local governments to cut employment by 397,000. Without the federal funds provided by the stimulus, those job losses would have been more than double. McMahon and the Republicans want to cut the stimulus, throwing hundreds of thousands of teachers, police and firefighters out of work, and forcing states and cities to raise taxes or cut services.

Job-killing deficits?

The final piece of economic nonsense is the claim that eliminating the federal deficit is the biggest priority, and that deep spending cuts will somehow help the economy. Most of the media accept this as self-evident. But it is wrong.

Linda McMahon, like most Republican candidates, refuses to say what programs she would cut to eliminate the deficit. But The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities calculates that the Republican plan to cut the Federal budget to 2008 levels would force a 20 percent reduction in non-defense discretionary spending. Biomedical research would be crippled. Local schools, already hard hit, would see federal funds disappear. Local taxes would rise. Hundreds of thousands of jobs would disappear. The Republican plan could easily throw the economy back into the free fall that President Obama inherited in January 2009.

Deficits don't kill jobs. Spending cuts kill jobs.

Creating Jobs

McMahon actually supports two big budget-busters: the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Bush tax cuts for the rich. But the biggest cause of the deficit is the recession itself -- unemployed workers and closed businesses don't pay taxes. Spending for necessary, productive purposes today will help revive the economy and make it possible to cut deficits in the future.

Between two and five million people have jobs or increased hours today because of the stimulus bill, according to the Congressional Budget Office. But stimulus funds are running out, and those jobs will start to disappear in the next months. The best hope for jobs, both public and private sector, is extending and increasing stimulus measures. Enacting President Obama's $50 billion infrastructure proposal, and the Local Jobs for America Act which funds state and local governments, would be important first steps. That won't be possible if Republicans like Linda McMahon, with their job-killing priorities, win in November.

Friday, October 15, 2010


[Photo Above: Hundreds rally at Park Place Health Care Center in Hartford, Ct. today for the four hundred 1199 health care workers. They went out on strike six months ago.] Click on photo for full screen.


Our hundred members of District 1199, including nurses, nursing assistants, dietary, laundry and housekeeping staff began a strike on April 15, 2010 at four nursing homes operated by Spectrum Healthcare. Spectrum Healthcare is a local nursing home corporation, based in Vernon which operates six nursing homes in the state. The workers, a largely female and minority workforce, average between $13 and $14/hour for most positions after a few years on the job.

Contracts with 1199 covering Park Place Health Center (Hartford), Birmingham Health Center (Derby), Hilltop Health Center (Ansonia) and Laurel Hill Healthcare (Winsted) expired on March 15, 2009. Since the contracts expired, Spectrum has fired or suspended at least 14 union members at the homes with on recourse to arbitration.

[Taycha Trinidad, a worker at Park Place Health Center, with her two children on the picket line.]


Those firings, along with other forms of worker intimidation, are the basis for multiple Unfair Labor Practice Charges filed against Spectrum. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a formal Complaint and Notice of Hearing (similar to an indictment in criminal law) against Spectrum on August 19th stating that the company has repeatedly broken the law and is “failing and refusing” to bargain in good faith.

[Workers and their supports rally - "What do we want? -- CONTRACT!! -- When do we want?-- NOW!"]


Unlike any of the other nursing home operators with who 1199 has contracts, Spectrum early on threatened to hire permanent replacements for union members who went on strike. The Union made an “unconditional offer to return to work” on August 31. The employer responded by calling only a few workers back, once again violating the law. The case is going to trial and when an administrative law judge supports the Labor Board’s charges, Spectrum will be liable for workers’ back pay, back benefits, and interest. In the meantime, the Spectrum workers continue their daily picket lines in front of all four homes in protest of Spectrum’s unlawful behavior.

[Resident, David Zile joined the rally and is a frequent visitor to the picket line. He has been at Park Place since 2002. Patty Pickus, a worker on the picket line is standing with him.]


Since the struggle began there has been a tremendous show of support throughout the state for the Spectrum workers. Elected officials have helped deliver food and contacted the employer to urge a fair resolution; other unions and community groups have walked the picket lines and raised funds; family members and residents of the homes have publicly supported the fight and charged the employer with substandard care from replacement workers; clergy members have spoken from their pulpits to support the workers and attempted to contact owners Brian and Howard Dickstein.

A spokes person for the clergy, the Rev. Stephen Camp of Faith Congregational Church noted that “We are Christians, Jews and Moslems today, united, seeking justice and peace and in solidarity with Spectrum workers who are nurses, dietary workers, housekeepers, laundry workers and with those who understand that justice does lot mean just us, but finding a way for all of us. We not only rally here, but encourage one another by our very presence, to seek the presence of the divine in this struggle. If we stand together we will be together, if we stand apart, they will pick us apart.”

[Photo above: Carmen Boudier, president of New England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199 on the picket line.]


JOIN THE PICKET LINES ANYTIME BETWEEN 6 AM AND 12 MIDNIGHT at the following strike locations:

Birmingham Health Center, 210 Chatfield Street, DerbyCT
Hilltop Health Center, 126 Ford Street, Ansonia
Laurel Hill Healthcare, 106 East Lake Street, Winsted
Park Place Health Center, 5 Greenwood Street, Hartford


Send a donation to: The 1199 Strike and Defense Fund. Checks should be sent to: District 1199, 77 Huyshope Avenue , Hartford , CT 06106. The union has been on strike since April 15, 2010

Posted and photos by Tom Connolly

Monday, September 20, 2010

Labor pulling out the vote in key state

by Joelle Fishman
from People's World Sept 20, 2010
NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Union members hit the ground running to get their co-workers out to vote this November in Connecticut, one of 21 battleground states designated by the AFL-CIO. A U.S. Senate seat, three House seats and the governorship hang in the balance. It is estimated that if Connecticut sends back all five Democratic incumbents to the House of Representatives, the Democratic majority will be maintained.

Beleaguered by continued loss of industry and jobs in both the private and public sector, workers are looking for answers on employment and economic security.

In July about 66,000 workers here were in their first six months of unemployment benefits and about 90,000 were receiving extended benefits, which expire on November 30. The outcome of the elections is critical to the wellbeing of these families.

Addressing a group of union activists gathered at the New Haven Labor Council as they set out to knock on the doors of fellow union members, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., assailed Republican right-wing opposition to every pro-worker measure. This is a pivotal election about jobs, jobs, jobs," she said, indicating that with a Republican-controlled Congress, privatization of Social Security and repeal of both health care reform and Wall Street regulation will be on the agenda.

The Labor 2010 volunteers said they turned out because they are tired of the fear and division being promoted by the corporate-funded tea party Republicans. Asked what accomplishment meant the most to them in the last year and a half, their answers came quickly. "Health care. It isn't everything we want, but it is a start and more people will be covered," said one retiree. "Even getting the extensions to unemployment was a struggle" said a laid off union member.

"The stimulus saved jobs of teachers and first responders," said a machinist in the aerospace industry. Despite Republican "no" votes, the stimulus has provided $34 million in training and services to job-seekers in Connecticut including 4,000 summer jobs for youth. At least 7,500 public workers in the state are on the job because of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus funding. In addition thousands of jobs have been created in the private sector from infrastructure and other contracts.

As they knocked on the doors that morning, these workers listened to the frustrations, brought out the victories, and urged a vote for the labor-endorsed candidates.

"Just like in our union contract," explained one health care worker, "we didn't get everything we wanted the first time. But we continued to organize. This election is about continuing to move the country forward."

At another door, a union couple who both work at Yale University said they don't usually vote in mid-term elections. After discussing how important this election is, they both made the commitment to vote.

About 125 union members knocked on doors of union households in each of five Connecticut congressional districts on that Saturday kickoff. Workplace fliers, letters from local union presidents, and worker-to-worker phone calls are also part of the mobilization leading up to November 2.

At one door, a city worker who serves on her negotiating committee asked for extra fliers to bring to her union meeting, stressing the need for more aid to cities and states so workers don't have to get laid off.

Several other workers said they are already talking with their co- workers about the urgency of these elections and will continue to do so.

Every Connecticut union has endorsed Democrat Richard Blumenthal, currently the state's attorney general, for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Chris Dodd. His opponent, Linda McMahon, former CEO of World Wrestling Enterprises, won the Republican primary with tea party support. A multi-billionaire, she is funding her own campaign and flooding the airwaves and mailboxes with daily messages against government spending, claiming the stimulus is responsible for job losses.

Unions are also unanimous in support of former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy, a Democrat, for governor over Republican Tom Foley who wants to outsource government jobs and undermine public education with a voucher system.

Union members made the difference in defeating Republican incumbents in Connecticut's second, fourth and fifth congressional districts in the 2006 and 2008 elections.

"Union members make up a quarter of the vote on Election Day and they are well educated in the issues. It is through grass roots activism that we will help to keep Connecticut moving forward," said Connecticut AFL-CIO President John Olsen and Secretary-Treasurer Lori Pelletier in a thank you letter to volunteers. "Your participation builds a strong and powerful labor movement."

On October 2, labor walks will be held in solidarity with the One Nation Working Together rally at the National Mall in Washington D.C. A press conference on Friday at the NAACP office highlighted support by labor, civil rights and social justice groups in Connecticut who have chartered buses and a train car to take part in the rally and help mobilize to get out the vote on November 2.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Photo above: The crowd, led by an interfaith group of clergy, sang "We Shall Overcome" today as part of the church service to support the 1199 Spectrum strikers who have been on strike since April 15, 2010. [Click on photo for full screen]

Photo above: The Rev. Stephen Camp, pastor of Faith Church in Hartford, CT led off the service to support the nearly 400 Spectrum strikers. Rev. Camp's mother was a patient at Park Place in Hartford until she passed. Park Place is one of four Spectrum facilities on strike.

Several hundred people including clergy, community supporters, elected officials and strikers attended a gathering today at Faith Church in Hartford, CT to support the fight for a fair contract for the Spectrum strikers.

Rev. Camp led the speakers and set the tone of the gathering. He noted that justice in the form of a fair contract and not greed of the owners should be the guide for future negotiations. Over 30 other nursing homes in Connecticut have settled their contracts without a strike but Spectrum decided they will try to break the union and increase profits.

In June of 2010 the union workers won a significant victory. The Department of Labor ruled that the Spectrum strikers where eligible for unemployment benefits. Their ruling stated in part that the workers "...had been permanently replaced, and that their unemployment was no longer due to the existence of a labor dispute." State law prohibits strikers who have not been locked out by their employer from receiving unemployment benefits, but there are exceptions. Spectrum Healthcare had hired permanent replacements for the striking workers, and told the union workers that they would not automatically be given their jobs back if they returned, but would be placed on a "recall list."

Spectrum continues not to negotiate in good faith and has cause hardships to the courageous 1199 striking workers who are determined to win justice for their patients' and themselves.

Photo Above: Dori Harrington, LPN, striker at Park Place in Hartford speaks to the crowd with her two sons by her side.

Ms. Harrington spoke emotional about the difficulty of being a single parent of two boys and being on strike. She said that she became very close to her co-workers during the strike and deeply appreciates the support of the clergy and those who are supporting the stickers. She said that through sticking together "we will win this strike." [See other photos below]


JOIN THE PICKET LINES ANYTIME BETWEEN 6 AM AND 12 MIDNIGHT at the following strike locations:

Birmingham Health Center, 210 Chatfield Street, DerbyCT
Hilltop Health Center, 126 Ford Street, Ansonia
Laurel Hill Healthcare, 106 East Lake Street, Winsted
Park Place Health Center, 5 Greenwood Street, Hartford


Send a donation to: The 1199 Strike and Defense Fund. Checks should be sent to: District 1199, 77 Huyshope Avenue , Hartford , CT 06106. The union has been on strike since April 15, 2010

Photo above: Striker Danyale Nesmith from Hilltop Healthcare in Ansonia, Ct

Photo above: Striker Taycha Trinidad, with her daughter after speaking to the crowd.

Photo above: Some to the clergy speakers [from left to right] - Rev. Bryan Hooper, Unithed Methodist Church of Hartford -- Rev. Josh Pawelek, UUC -- Iman Kashif Abdul-Karim, Muhammad Islamic Center of Greater Hartford and Rev. Stehen Camp, Faith Church.

Photo above: Rev. Sonia Gutierrez, from House of Restoration Church. Rev. Gutierrez was one of the key organizers for the strike support worship.

Photo above: Faith Church soloist Pateicla Gray

Photo above: Carmen Boudier, president of New England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199

Posted and photos by Tom Connolly

Thursday, September 9, 2010

CT Sending Buses to One Nation March Oct 2

Participation from Connecticut is building up for the historic One Nation Working Together march in Washington DC on October 2 Unions, civil rights organizations, youth and students, and many others seeking to realize the American dream of opportunity and justice for all have come together for this march to keep our country moving forward, and not go backward based on hate and fear.
Among organizations working to fill buses are the Communication Workers of America, Service Employees International Union, NAACP, Peoples Center, and Greater New Haven Peace Council.
On the Labor Day weekend, AFL CIO president Richard Trumka emphasized the November elections will be decisive for the future direction of our country. The October 2 rally, emphasizing the need for large scale job creation, support for public education, and equality for all, is expected to build up momentum to turn out a strong progressive vote in November.
MSNBC, progressive talk show host Ed Shultz called on Americans to put aside differences and come together. for more jobs so that every person in America who wants to work can get a job and be able to support his or her family now and into the future. Schultz announced he is joining the One Nation Working Together movement and will be a featured speaker.
He proclaimed: “This is about now and this is about jobs. Labor has been under attack for the last thirty years. It is my motivation to motivate the audience of this television show to get on this platform; to be a part of this march on Washington on October 2nd.”
October 2 organziers emphasized, "Too many of our sisters and brothers are hungry, homeless and hopeless in this country. And instead of indulging in the politics of fear and isolation that seem to dominate, we are coming together to work as one toward concrete goals that bring justice to our communities."
Bus seats are avaliable on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve a seat call the Peoples Center and leave a message at 203-624-8664.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Photo Above: One of the 1199 support demonstrations. [click on photo for full screen]


DATE: Saturday, September 11, 2010

TIME: 10:00 AM

PLACE: Faith Congregational Church, 2030 Main Street, Hartford CT

Rev. Stephen W. Camp, Senior Pastor

On strike since April 15, almost 400 nursing, dietary, housekeeping and laundry workers are standing strong against Spectrum Health Care, a local company that is trying to bust their union with permanent replacements and unfair labor practices. The workers demand a fair contract – like 36 other CT homes have agreed to, safe workplaces and quality care for residents.

For more information contact District 1199 at 860-549-1199.

Posted and Photo by Tom Connolly


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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Photo Above: Picket Line at Park Place Health Center in Hartford CT [File Copy - Click on photo for full screen]

The Spectrum health care workers from District 1199 have been on strike for five mouths. In a spirited demonstration yesterday at Park Place Health Center in Hartford the workers and supporters welcomed a victory! The National Labor Relations Board found that Spectrum Health Care fired or suspended 14 employees in violation of federal labor law. A hearing on the ruling will be held Nov. 2.

Carmen Boudier, president of New England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199, said as she rallied the striking workers outside Park Place Health Center in Hartford, “It means that the boss violated our union contract in many ways..."

As the strike continues your support is needed.


JOIN THE PICKET LINES ANYTIME BETWEEN 6 AM AND 12 MIDNIGHT at the following strike locations:

Birmingham Health Center, 210 Chatfield Street, DerbyCT
Hilltop Health Center, 126 Ford Street, Ansonia
Laurel Hill Healthcare, 106 East Lake Street, Winsted
Park Place Health Center, 5 Greenwood Street, Hartford


Send a donation to: The 1199 Strike and Defense Fund. Checks should be sent to: District 1199, 77 Huyshope Avenue , Hartford , CT 06106. The union has been on strike since April 15, 2010

Posted and photo by Tom Connolly

Friday, August 13, 2010


Photo Above: 1199 Picket Line Rally at Park Place in Hartford, CT [Click on photo for full screen.]

A profile of courage is the only way to describe the nearly 400 health care workers on strike since April 15 against four Vernon based Spectrum corporation facilities.

Determined and dedicated members of District 1199 walk the picket lines for a fair contract every day from 6 AM to midnight. At Park Place in Hartford here's what they had to say:

Photo Above: Patty Pickus, 1199 Striker

Patty Pickus: "We are not tired of walking the picket line. We will continue to walk the picket line until these 'people' decide that they are going to negotiate fairly..."

Photo Above: Emma David, 1199 Striker

Emma David: "We get closer and closer as brothers and sisters and help each other. We picket, leaflet, go to the legislature and OSHA. The boss should not be thinking of money and taking away. He should be thinking about patient care."

Photo Above: Dede Degbey, 1199 Striker.

Dede Degbey: "We are out on strike because we did not have a raise for almost two years. He wants to cut our benefits. If you get hurt, he only wants to pay $ 10 an hour."

Photo Above: Dori Harrington, 1199 Striker.

Dori Harrington: "I've worked at Park Place for three years. I am a nurse, I have two boys and I am a single mom. We all deserve a fair contract. I am showing my children that you have to stand up for what you believe in."

Photo Above: Taycha Trinidad, 1199 Striker

Taycha Trinidad: "I have been here five years and things have gone from worse to worse to worse. At least give us a little respect. I think the boss is just plain greedy. He does not think about the workers or the patients because if he did the contract would have been signed last year."

Photo Above: Maritza Malave is on the left in the photo above.

Maritza Malave: "I don't hate the boss but he should have just signed the contract. He should have settled a long time ago instead of us being out here on strike. But we have to fight for what we want. You can't give back."

These workers are talking a stand for all workers.


JOIN THE PICKET LINES ANYTIME BETWEEN 6 AM AND 12 MIDNIGHT at the following strike locations:

Birmingham Health Center, 210 Chatfield Street, Derby
CTHilltop Health Center, 126 Ford Street, Ansonia
Laurel Hill Healthcare, 106 East Lake Street, Winsted
Park Place Health Center, 5 Greenwood Street, Hartford


Send a donation to: The 1199 Strike and Defense Fund. Checks should be sent to: District 1199, 77 Huyshope Avenue , Hartford , CT 06106. The union has been on strike since April 15, 2010

Posted and photos by Tom Connolly

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


A Call to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

DATE: Friday, Ausust 6th

TIME: 5:30 - 8 PM

PLACE: New Location
Friends Meeting House
144 South Quaker Lane, West Hartford
(Riverside Park was unavailable this year)

Featuring an exhibition of drawings and paintings by Paul Martin Butkovich
commemorating the bombing of Hiroshima.

Pot Luck Picnic at begins at 5:30 pm Program begins at 6:45 pm with
Music, Speakers and ends with Candle-Lighting Ceremony at 8 pm.

For more information:
(860) 561-1897 ---

Sponsored by:

CT Coalition for Peace and Justice
No Nukes/No War, UN Association-CT
West Hartford Citizens for Peace and Justice,
American Friends Service Committee-CT
Hope Out Loud 9 Peace & Arts Festival - Bushnell Park Sept. 19th

Posted by Tom Connolly

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Machinists Fighting for Jobs for All Workers

"Brothers and sisters, are you ready to fight?" "Yes!" was the resounding shout by hundreds of Machinists union members and their families at a jobs rally and picnic on July 10, wearing red t-shirts with the slogan "fighting for my job and yours."

Just 48 hours earlier the union won a court victory stopping Pratt & Whtiney from moving 1,000 jobs out of Connecticut in the middle of the union contract.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a U.S. District Court’s injunction against parent company United Technologies Corp (UTC) and Pratt which "had not made, and was not making, ‘every reasonable effort’ to preserve bargaining unit work as required by the collective bargaining agreement." The injunction remains in effect until the union contract expires on December 5.
Last July, workers at the Cheshire repair plant and the air foil department in East Hartford were told their jobs would be moved to Signapore, Japan and Georgia.

"We could have just given up," said Wayne McCarthy, IAM Local Lodge 1746-A president. "But we rallied together and we persevered. We're not going anywhere," he said referring to upcoming contract negotiations in which the jobs still hang in the balance.

"You won big for all workers in this country," exclaimed IAM Eastern Territory General Vice President Lynn Tucker. "We will no longer allow jobs to be shipped off shore - we will fight!"

"We will accept nothing less than justice for those who toil in our country," asserted IAM president Thomas Buffenbarger. Referring to November's elections, he urged those present to look toward each other when they vote and choose who will stand by working people.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who supported the IAM lawsuit and is candidate for the U.S. Senate, was greeted with cheers. Recalling Republican opponents' criticism of Blumenthal for the lawsuit, Jim Parent, IAM chief negotiator warned,. "We better win that fight in November."

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ruth Emerson -- Civil Rights Leader

by: Joelle Fishman
July 8 2010 People's World

Judges and lawyers, professors and educators, family and friends all spoke fondly of Ruth Calvin Emerson at the celebration of her life held at the New Haven Peoples Center on June 26. Ruth's enthusiastic and principled ways came through in many stories and remembrances from her youth to her last days at Hamden Health Care and Hospice where she passed away on April 25, 2010.

Together with husband Thomas Emerson, a Yale Law School professor and Constitutional scholar, Ruth devoted her life to the defense of civil liberties and support of the movement for civil rights and workers' rights. She served on the board of the National Committee Against Repressive Legislation (now Defending Dissent) and many civil rights organizations.

Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut on March 8, 1921 Ruth was one of five Girl Scouts to represent the United States in an international meeting in Switzerland in 1938. She graduated from Oberlin College, and served in the Women's Army Corps, Signal Corps from 1944-1946, stationed in Fort Myer, Virginia and Fort Dix, New Jersey. She then attended Yale Law School, one of only six women in her class of 160 to graduate in 1950.

Ruth began work as an attorney at the National Labor Relations Board in 1950. During the McCarthy period purges of progressives, she resisted pressure to resign pending completion of a Loyalty Board investigation. The Loyalty Board exonerated her in 1953 and Ruth resigned shortly thereafter.

Ruth returned to Connecticut where she practiced law briefly and then became a teacher. She was an early practitioner of Words in Color, an innovative method of teaching reading developed by Dr. Caleb Gattegno. She taught in New York City, at the High School in the Community in New Haven and as a tutor. Ruth believed in subordinating teaching to learning and the active involvement and awareness of the student. She was a strong advocate for children and for working families.

Al Marder, president of the Peoples Center, recalled Ruth's famous whistle on many picket lines and emphasized the significance of Ruth's memorial being held at the center. Acknowledging those present from the Law School, he said, "Yale would surely have opened its doors, but it is most appropriate that Ruth, who was committed to the working class, should be celebrated here in a working class center."

Ruth was married to Thomas Emerson for 31 years until his death in 1991. He was a preeminent First Amendment scholar who combined scholarship with Supreme Court litigation in defense of civil rights, and participated in the defense of Communists during the 1950's. Marder spoke of Tom Emerson's involvement in the first court ruling declaring the Smith Act unconstitutional. "With his involvement, we in Connecticut were the first in the country to be exonerated," he said to applause, recalling the arrests of hundreds of working class and civil rights activists for their leadership in the Communist Party in the 1950s.

Speaking in appreciation of Ruth, a professor emeritus said that he made sure that Tom Emerson's portrait was hung in the most important classroom at the Yale Law School to give a message to the students.

Ruth was well known for her brief and powerful letters to the editor of the New Haven Register and was an ardent supporter of the People's World. In 2006 she co-founded, with Sherman Malone and others, the Connecticut non-profit, Haiti Marycare to support two pre-schools and a rural health care clinic in Haiti.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Photo above: Carmen E. Boudier, President of District 1199 union, center of photo, walks the picket with the striking Spectrum workers. A press conference followed that highlighted Spectrum poor care in the nursing homes that are on strike. [Click on photo for full screen]

Today is the 65th day of the strike. Nearly 400 District 1199 health care workers are on strike against Vernon-based Spectrum corporation. At the press conference outrageous stories of the poor care where told since the strike began.

Photo above: Ana Ruiz, holding the mic, has a brother in a Park Place in Hartford, one of the four Spectrum homes on strike.

Ana Ruiz visits her brother regularly and worries that he is losing weight. She also said that she used to visit other patients who did not have loved ones to visit but since the strike she was ordered by Park Place staff not to speak to any patients. She feels that they think she will "make trouble" for the home but she only wants to provide them with some much-needed companionship.

The following is a brief summary of some other stories of the "Spectrum of Shame" told by loved ones.

*Bonnie Becker's mother is in Laurel Hill. She said when her sister visited her mother was lying in her own urine.

*David Zile is a patient at Park Place. He said that, "twice I almost got the wrong medications."

*Maria Rodriguez, daughter of Emiliano Robles, said that her father has been crying a lot, every day, since the new workers came.

*Risalina Miranda, daughter of Maria Miranda said "My mother needs help to the bathroom, but on one is doing anything to help her." She said that her mother is frequently wet from her own urine.

To read other stories of the shame at Spectrum Healthcare's nursing homes visit:

What you can do to help.

You also can join the picket line anytime between 6 AM and 12 midnight at the following strike locations:

Birmingham Health Center, 210 Chatfield Street, Derby , CT
Hilltop Health Center, 126 Ford Street, Ansonia
Laurel Hill Healthcare, 106 East Lake Street, Winsted
Park Place Health Center, 5 Greenwood Street, Hartford

Send a donation to: The 1199 Strike and Defense Fund. Checks should be sent to: District 1199, 77 Huyshope Avenue , Hartford , CT 06106. The union has been on strike since April 15, 2010

Posted and photos by Tom Connolly

Friday, June 18, 2010


Photo Above: District 1199 strikers at Park Place Health Center, Hartford, CT -- Click on the photo for full screen.

Since April 15 nearly 400 District 1999 workers went on strike against Vernon-based Spectrum. In a victory for the union, the state Department of Labor ruled all the striking workers are now eligible to receive unemployment benefits.

State law prohibits strikers who have not been locked out by their employer form receiving unemployment benefits, but there are exceptions. Spectrum Healthcare had hired permanent replacements for the striking workers, and told the union workers that they would not automatically be given their jobs back if they returned, but would be placed on a "recall list." As a result the state Department of Labor ruled that the striking workers "...had been permanently replaced, and that their unemployment was no longer due to the existence of a labor dispute."

The fight for a fair contract continues. Join a rally/press conference this Saturday:

* DATE: Saturday, June 19, 2010
* TIME: 10:30 AM
* PLACE: Park Place Health Center, 5 Greenwood Street, Hartford

You also can join the picket line anytime between 6 AM and 12 midnight at the following strike locations:
Birmingham Health Center, 210 Chatfield Street, Derby , CT
Hilltop Health Center, 126 Ford Street, Ansonia
Laurel Hill Healthcare, 106 East Lake Street, Winsted
Park Place Health Center, 5 Greenwood Street, Hartford

And send a strike fund donation to:
The 1199 Strike and Defense Fund. District 1199, 77 Huyshope Avenue , Hartford , CT 06106.

Posted by Tom Connolly

Sunday, June 6, 2010


The Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut sponsored a state-wide educational conference on Saturday June 5, 2010 about the new national health care law and the new Connecticut law, know as SustiNet. The conference focused on how the two new health care laws complement each other and the next steps in insuring that all Connecticut residents have access to affordable health care.

Photo Above: Lynne Ide, representing the Universal Health Care Foundation, lead off the conference noting the SustiNet and federal law, Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, equals an win-win for Connecticut.

Lynne noted that SustiNet positions our state to take advantage of resources and a proactive approach to controlling health care costs, delivering quality care and promoting good health. It puts our state at the front of the line to attract new federal dollars to help boost the economy. The state and federal laws work together to make good, affordable health care choices available to individuals, families and small businesses.

Above Photo: Part to the large crowd that attend the conference.
Photo Above: The youngest member of the conference, Olivia, with her proud mom Rhona.

The key features of the SustiNet Health Plan include:

*Each person's care is coordinated by a qualified health care professional.
* Focus on prevention and more effective treatment of chronic illnesses
*Public health programs to fight obesity and tobacco use
*Transition of electronic medical records to promote coordination of care and avoid duplication and miscommunication
*Invest in the health care workforce so we have the doctors and nurses we need.

If you like the health care plan you have now you can keep it and the new federal law provides that most people who already have insurance new benefits such as coverage for adult children until the age of 26. Those who may enroll in the SustiNet Health Plan starting in 2012 include: The uninsured, self-employed people, small businesses, non-profit organizations and cities and towns. Premiums will be based on a sliding scale determined by income.

After the presentations the conference members meet in small groups to discuss the next steps and the strategies for implementing quality, affordable health care for all. For more information go to

Posted and photo's by Tom Connolly

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


[Photo above: Carmen E. Boudier, President of District 1199 union, is being arrested by Hartford police for blocking the entrance of Park Place Health Center in Hartford, CT.] Click on photo for full screen.

About 30 labor, community, elected officials and clergy members were arrested by Hartford police today for blocking the entrance of Park Place Health Center in Hartford to support the District 1199 Spectrum strikers. Hundreds of other strikers and supporters attended the rally. In a statement by those that where arrested noted in part:

"We are here today as a witness for justice. For almost seven weeks, these nursing home workers at Part Place Health Center have been walking the picket line for a fair contract, for dignity, and for respect. The nurses, nurses' aids, dietary, housekeeping, and laundry workers at this facility have overwhelmingly voted to make sacrifices now in order to protect, in the long term, those hard-won gains their families count on. These workers have joined nearly 300 other Spectrum workers in the same fight from Derby, Ansonia and Winsted nursing homes owned by Spectrum.

Thirty-six other 1199 nursing homes throughout the state have already settled labor contracts without a strikes....

Dr. King provides an exemplary model for our action here today. He not only fought for civil rights, he walked picket lines for labor rights as well. He said that 'It may well be that the greatest the silence of the so-called good people.' Justice demands that these workers' stories be told, and that we publicly join our voices to support them."


Call the Spectrum Healthcare owners now and tell them to settle this strike immediately for the sake of the residents, the workers and our communities. Their names and phone numbers are:

Brian Dickstein-- 860-871-5454, ext 11 (office)
Home: 860-648-1300
Howard Dickstein - 860-871-5454 ext 13 (office)
Home: 860-272-2981
Sean Murphy - 860-871-5454 ext 12 (office) -- Home: 860-758-7996


Birmingham Health Center, 210 Chatfield Street, Derby , CT
Hilltop Health Center, 126 Ford Street, Ansonia
Laurel Hill Healthcare, 106 East Lake Street, Winsted
Park Place Health Center, 5 Greenwood Street, Hartford


Send a donation to: The 1199 Strike and Defense Fund. Checks should be sent to: District 1199, 77 Huyshope Avenue , Hartford , CT 06106. The union has been on strike since April 15, 2010.

Other Photos of the Action:

Posted by Tom Connolly

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rally for 1199 Strikers at Spectrum Health Care

JOIN THE RALLY for 1199 Strikers at Spectrum Health Care ...Tuesday, June 1 2:30 - 4:30pm at Park Place Nursing Home, 5 Greenwood Street, Hartford...

Nearly 400 nursing home workers at four Spectrum homes without a contract for over a year...

...facing illegal harrassment and firings and dangerous working conditions... on strike for seven weeks to win a fair contract the protects their wages and benefits...

...determined to achieve the same patern that 33 other 1199 nursing homs in the state have already won...

...staying united and strong, but needing YOUR solidarity and your support on the picket line!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


[Photo above: Carmen E. Boudier, President of District 1199, center of photo with sun glasses, walks the picket with stirkers from Park Place Health Center in Hartford, CT.] Click on photo for full screen.


May 2010

Sisters and Brothers:

As you know, 400 health care workers in our union are currently on strike at four Connecticut nursing homes over Unfair Labor Practices committed by their employer, Spectrum Healthcare.

Spectrum has threatened permanent replacements. We are at the Labor Board opposing their right to do so.

Many of you have asked how you can help. First, please join us whenever you can at one of the picket lines (addresses below). Second, if you wish to donate to support the strikers, please make checks out to:

The 1199 Strike and Defense Fund
Checks should be sent to: District 1199, 77 Huyshope Avenue , Hartford , CT 06106

Thank you for your support of these brave women and men.

Birmingham Health Center
210 Chatfield Street
Derby , CT

Hilltop Health Center
126 Ford Street
Ansonia , CT

Laurel Hill Healthcare
106 East Lake Street
Winsted , CT

Park Place Health Center
5 Greenwood Street
Hartford , CT

In solidarity,

Carmen E. Boudier

Source: AFL-CIO, Hartford
Posted by: Tom Connolly

Saturday, May 8, 2010


[Photo Above: Spectrum 1199 strikers and their supports rallied today at the Birmingham Health Center in Durby Ct] Click on photo for full screen.

Spirits were high today at a rally of the Spectrum 1199 strikers and their supporters today.

400 nurses, aides and support staff at four nursing homes operated by Spectrum Healthcare have been on strike since April 15th over Unfair Labor Practices.

The company says that it has hired permanent replacements for the strikers who are standing up for themselves, their families and their residents.

Join the members of District 1199 who are fighting for fairness. If this employer can get away with violating the law and hiring permanent replacements – who’s next?


The locations are:

*BIRMINGHAM HEALTH CENTER -- 210 Chatfield St. -- Derby
*CTHILLTOP HEALTH CENTER - 126 Ford St. - Ansonia
*CTLAUREL HILL HEALTHCARE - 108 East Lake St. - Winsted
*CTPARK PLACE HEALTH CENTER - 5 Greenwood St. - Hartford, CT

Posted by Tom Connolly