Friday, March 20, 2009

Demonstrators Demand Board to Stop Cuts

On March 17, more than 100 Hartford parents, teachers, and students marched to demand that the Hartford Board of Education stop the 254 planned staff cuts. It includes about 120 teachers, 48 central office staff, 30 paraprofessionals, 15 custodians and 10 guidance counselors. The PTO Presidents Council organized the demonstration.

At the Board of Education meeting that followed the demonstration parents, students, teachers, and community leaders made it clear the deep cuts will not be tolerated. They said that the Superintendent and the Board are not listening to them and they demand respect and the right to be heard. Martha Miller, a parent, said "You're playing Russian roulette with our children. They are real. And they are our future." Speaker after speaker demanded that the Board of Ed stop the staff cuts. They said they would continue to fight for the children of Hartford.

On March 25 state workers and community organizations will rally at the Capitol to demand that state cuts in funding and layoffs of workers be stopped with the funds being raised by taxing the highest incomes and closing corporate tax loopholes. The state-wide rally will be held at 4:30 p.m.

by Tom Connolly

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