Monday, June 15, 2009

Comparison of Health Care Plans

The DailyKos website

lists various national health care plans proposed by Congress with their estimated costs.

Referring to the list, it states, "Here is the independent analysis sponsored by The Commonwealth Fund (which actually supports the Obama/Baucus/Kennedy "Building Blocks approach) and with The Lewin Groups (supposedly still the reliable valid gold standard for doing such analyses even though owned by an insurance company)." Yet this "gold standard" list excludes and censors out John Conyers' Single Payer H.R. 676.

The website states the proposal, "Representative Pete Stark's (chairman of the House Way and Means Health Subcommittee) H.R. 193, The Americare Health Insurance Act...unlike that of Obama/Baucus/Kennedy actually controls total costs while getting to truly 100% universal coverage."

We need to continue to insist that H.R. 676, the gold standard of health care, be included in the measurements and compared with all the other proposals.

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