Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CT Communist Party Message - NO CUTS, NO LAYOFFS, TAX THE RICH!

The following is a statement of the Connecticut Communist Party delivered to the Governor and the Connecticut state legislators on Feb. 3, 2010.


It was a strong message to Connecticut when the voters of Oregon recently approved taxing the wealthy and big corporations to reduce the brutal impact of this economic crisis on working people and vulnerable groups. In a referendum, Oregon voters imposed an additional tax of 1.8% to 2.0% on the portion of incomes over $250,000, raising the top rate to 11%. Corporate taxes were made more progressive, with bigger corporations subject to a top rate of 7.6%. The measures were passed in order to maintain education, health care, public safety and other services. Fewer than 3% of state residents will see a tax increase.

Why can't Connecticut, the richest state in the United States, do the same?

As Wall Street and the Connecticut's wealthy recover from their own blunders Main Street continues to suffer. The budget crisis is not due to runaway spending -- it is due to a crisis in state revenue. But Connecticut's wealthy pay only 5% on income over $100,000, and 6.5% on income over $1 million. In Connecticut, fewer than 5% of state residents have an income over $250,000. If their tax rate was increased by 2%, close to $1 billion per year would be available to meet state needs. If we matched Oregon's tax-the-rich measure, more than $2 billion per year would come in to close the budget gap.

Gov. Rell has already cut and proposed more deep cuts to programs that help working people, children, elderly and the disabled. We say ENOUGH!!

Not one more dime of service cuts!! Tax the wealthy and big corporations. It is past time that they paid their fair share. The referendum in Oregon shows that when the issue is put fairly to the voters, they will support a reasonable tax on the wealthy to pay for vital state functions.

Connecticut officials should also join with citizens to call upon Congress to pass jobs legislation for aid to states and cities to protect jobs and stop layoffs of public workers and the services they provide.

These are the steps to a true recovery.

Issued by Connecticut Communist Party, USA
Joelle Fishman, Chair

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