Thursday, April 15, 2010


[Photo Above: Connecticut clergy holds their first organizing meeting for a fair state budget at the Faith Congregational Church in Hartford, CT. Over 150 people attended. Click of photo for full screen.]

[Photo Above: Large poster that all meeting participants signed to Connecticut elected officials for a fair state budget. Also, the group has a paper statement that all can sign. See the contact information below to get forms for your organization.]

Connecticut clergy held their first organizing meeting last night to put the moral focus on a fair state budget. Over 150 people attended. Their statement in part reads:

“As people of faith, we ask our state lawmakers to craft budget priorities that reflect our social and moral goals. We should share the abundance of the human spirit and restore the principal role of government to defend the defenseless . . .”

“…We call upon our elected leaders to abandon the myth of scarcity, to abandon fear of political backlash, and to abandon the assumption that the state’s wealthier residents wish only to selfishly hoard their money…”

“…Specifically, we call upon our elected leaders to consider fair and equitable increases in a variety of state taxes, so that necessary cuts in state spending can be effectively balanced with new revenues sources. Each of us is quite willing to take on the responsibility of increased taxes because we believe Connecticut can afford to secure decent lives for all residents. Securing such lives ought to be the highest priority of state government...”

All are welcome and urged to join this effort to move forward. Please see the contacts below and join the struggle for a fair state budget!

For more information contact Rochelle Palache, 860-251-6083 or or Rev. Steve Camp, Faith Congregational Church, 860-547-0820.
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