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Photo above: Carmen E. Boudier, President of District 1199 union, center of photo, walks the picket with the striking Spectrum workers. A press conference followed that highlighted Spectrum poor care in the nursing homes that are on strike. [Click on photo for full screen]

Today is the 65th day of the strike. Nearly 400 District 1199 health care workers are on strike against Vernon-based Spectrum corporation. At the press conference outrageous stories of the poor care where told since the strike began.

Photo above: Ana Ruiz, holding the mic, has a brother in a Park Place in Hartford, one of the four Spectrum homes on strike.

Ana Ruiz visits her brother regularly and worries that he is losing weight. She also said that she used to visit other patients who did not have loved ones to visit but since the strike she was ordered by Park Place staff not to speak to any patients. She feels that they think she will "make trouble" for the home but she only wants to provide them with some much-needed companionship.

The following is a brief summary of some other stories of the "Spectrum of Shame" told by loved ones.

*Bonnie Becker's mother is in Laurel Hill. She said when her sister visited her mother was lying in her own urine.

*David Zile is a patient at Park Place. He said that, "twice I almost got the wrong medications."

*Maria Rodriguez, daughter of Emiliano Robles, said that her father has been crying a lot, every day, since the new workers came.

*Risalina Miranda, daughter of Maria Miranda said "My mother needs help to the bathroom, but on one is doing anything to help her." She said that her mother is frequently wet from her own urine.

To read other stories of the shame at Spectrum Healthcare's nursing homes visit:

What you can do to help.

You also can join the picket line anytime between 6 AM and 12 midnight at the following strike locations:

Birmingham Health Center, 210 Chatfield Street, Derby , CT
Hilltop Health Center, 126 Ford Street, Ansonia
Laurel Hill Healthcare, 106 East Lake Street, Winsted
Park Place Health Center, 5 Greenwood Street, Hartford

Send a donation to: The 1199 Strike and Defense Fund. Checks should be sent to: District 1199, 77 Huyshope Avenue , Hartford , CT 06106. The union has been on strike since April 15, 2010

Posted and photos by Tom Connolly

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