Friday, August 13, 2010


Photo Above: 1199 Picket Line Rally at Park Place in Hartford, CT [Click on photo for full screen.]

A profile of courage is the only way to describe the nearly 400 health care workers on strike since April 15 against four Vernon based Spectrum corporation facilities.

Determined and dedicated members of District 1199 walk the picket lines for a fair contract every day from 6 AM to midnight. At Park Place in Hartford here's what they had to say:

Photo Above: Patty Pickus, 1199 Striker

Patty Pickus: "We are not tired of walking the picket line. We will continue to walk the picket line until these 'people' decide that they are going to negotiate fairly..."

Photo Above: Emma David, 1199 Striker

Emma David: "We get closer and closer as brothers and sisters and help each other. We picket, leaflet, go to the legislature and OSHA. The boss should not be thinking of money and taking away. He should be thinking about patient care."

Photo Above: Dede Degbey, 1199 Striker.

Dede Degbey: "We are out on strike because we did not have a raise for almost two years. He wants to cut our benefits. If you get hurt, he only wants to pay $ 10 an hour."

Photo Above: Dori Harrington, 1199 Striker.

Dori Harrington: "I've worked at Park Place for three years. I am a nurse, I have two boys and I am a single mom. We all deserve a fair contract. I am showing my children that you have to stand up for what you believe in."

Photo Above: Taycha Trinidad, 1199 Striker

Taycha Trinidad: "I have been here five years and things have gone from worse to worse to worse. At least give us a little respect. I think the boss is just plain greedy. He does not think about the workers or the patients because if he did the contract would have been signed last year."

Photo Above: Maritza Malave is on the left in the photo above.

Maritza Malave: "I don't hate the boss but he should have just signed the contract. He should have settled a long time ago instead of us being out here on strike. But we have to fight for what we want. You can't give back."

These workers are talking a stand for all workers.


JOIN THE PICKET LINES ANYTIME BETWEEN 6 AM AND 12 MIDNIGHT at the following strike locations:

Birmingham Health Center, 210 Chatfield Street, Derby
CTHilltop Health Center, 126 Ford Street, Ansonia
Laurel Hill Healthcare, 106 East Lake Street, Winsted
Park Place Health Center, 5 Greenwood Street, Hartford


Send a donation to: The 1199 Strike and Defense Fund. Checks should be sent to: District 1199, 77 Huyshope Avenue , Hartford , CT 06106. The union has been on strike since April 15, 2010

Posted and photos by Tom Connolly

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