Thursday, September 9, 2010

CT Sending Buses to One Nation March Oct 2

Participation from Connecticut is building up for the historic One Nation Working Together march in Washington DC on October 2 Unions, civil rights organizations, youth and students, and many others seeking to realize the American dream of opportunity and justice for all have come together for this march to keep our country moving forward, and not go backward based on hate and fear.
Among organizations working to fill buses are the Communication Workers of America, Service Employees International Union, NAACP, Peoples Center, and Greater New Haven Peace Council.
On the Labor Day weekend, AFL CIO president Richard Trumka emphasized the November elections will be decisive for the future direction of our country. The October 2 rally, emphasizing the need for large scale job creation, support for public education, and equality for all, is expected to build up momentum to turn out a strong progressive vote in November.
MSNBC, progressive talk show host Ed Shultz called on Americans to put aside differences and come together. for more jobs so that every person in America who wants to work can get a job and be able to support his or her family now and into the future. Schultz announced he is joining the One Nation Working Together movement and will be a featured speaker.
He proclaimed: “This is about now and this is about jobs. Labor has been under attack for the last thirty years. It is my motivation to motivate the audience of this television show to get on this platform; to be a part of this march on Washington on October 2nd.”
October 2 organziers emphasized, "Too many of our sisters and brothers are hungry, homeless and hopeless in this country. And instead of indulging in the politics of fear and isolation that seem to dominate, we are coming together to work as one toward concrete goals that bring justice to our communities."
Bus seats are avaliable on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve a seat call the Peoples Center and leave a message at 203-624-8664.

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