Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Photo above: Members of 32BJ and their labor and community supporters held a second demonstration today outside of the Hartford Courant to save janitors jobs. [See other photos below the article]

Members of labor unions and community organizations joined with their brothers and sisters of SEIU 32BJ in a second spirited demonstration today to stop the Hartford Courant from contracting non-union janitors. In a statement release by the 32BJ it noted that the Hartford Courant decided to bring in a non-union cleaning contractor on December 1st, at the expense of the eight long-term union cleaners. Some of the eight union workers have been with the Courant for over 20 years.

At the same time the Courant is cutting union jobs with health health insurance participates of the Management Incentive Program of the Courant parent company and the Courant stand to receive combined bonuses of up to $42,500,000 dollars. The fight to save union jobs at the Courant will continue.

You can reach Richard J. Graziano, Publisher of the Hartford Courant at 860-241-6780. Ask him to stop management bonuses and save the union jobs of the dedicated 32BJ workers.

Photo above: Peggy Buchanan, center holding the megaphone, President of the Hartford Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, gives unqualified support to the workers of 32BJ at the demonstation today.

Photo above: State Senator, John Fonfara, Deputy Majority Leader of the State Senate speaking into the megaphone said he will stand by the 32BJ workers and fight to help kept their jobs.

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