Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Photo Above: An Occupy Hartford action in Hartford on the steps to the Bank of America that took place several weeks ago. One of the signs notes: "The 99% vs The Bank of America."

Yesterday the Hartford Police at the directive of Mayor Pedro Segarra were evicted for their camp site. In spite of the eviction leaders noted that the movement will continue. JoAnne Beaer, one of the Occupiers said, "This disbandment will probably bring new people into the movement. It's like a Hydra -- you cut of a head and three more appear at that spot. That's what happened in other places where police have gone in to disband the camps." If the 1% thinks that closing a Occupy sites will stop the movement they are mistaken.

Hartford Occupiers with be present at vigil to demand the renewal of unemployment insurance. The action will talk place at Senator Lieberman's office on:

Date: Thursday, December 8th, 2011 --Time: 5 PM -- Place: Senator Lieberman's Office - 1 constitution Plaza, Hartford


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