Thursday, June 7, 2012

MUST SEE FILM - Teachers are Talking, Is the National Listening?

Teachers are Talking, Is the Nation Listening? is a documentary film that features conversations about the art of teaching and learning by teachers themselves. TEACH brings an important perspective to the national education debate that is currently being dominated by a corporate led agenda to privatize education and blame teachers for everything that is wrong with education in this country.

The film will be screened Sunday, June 10, 2012, 5-8pm at the Unitarian Meetinghouse, 50 Bloomfield Avenue, Hartford.

This movie takes on many questions about No Child Left Behind, high stakes testing, unequal distribution of education resources, and schools dominated by data driven curriculum instead of providing an education that is dynamic, creative, exciting, and joyful. Every day in the media we hear from the businesses, thinktankers, politicians, and administrators, this movie is about those who don't usually get heard. Many education movies that distort the truth and promote a business view of education have millions of dollars to promote their misinformation about education i.e. Waiting for Superman.

This is the documentary that the nation is waiting for. The filmmakers of TEACH, Teachers are Talking, Is the Nation Listening are teachers in the Boston Public Schools.

The Hartford screening is co-Sponsored by AFTCT.

Free with Donations Appreciated - Pizza and Refreshments Provided - Discussion with Q and A with Filmmakers-Teachers Robert Lamothe and Yvonne Lamothe.

For More Info Contact Marge or Dave Schneider 860-872-6899 or for more info about the film, please visit TEACH, Teachers Are Talking, Is the Nation Listening

Source: Hartford Central Labor Council
Posted by: Tom Connolly

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