Sunday, September 4, 2016

Newhall Block Party Combines Fun and Organizing

On a humid Saturday afternoon in Newhallville you could find a group of three young men standing at an information table with literature about the Connecticut Communist Party, voter registration forms, People's World newsletters and cards to sign up to get headlines by e-mail.

Also on the table was a petition and information to support 16 year old New Havener Aymir Holland who is preparing for trial for allegedly assaulting a celebrated 79-year old Yale professor as he walked home from work. Like Holland's family, local activists from across the city including this group of young men, insist Aymir is innocent. They promised to fight for justice to secure Holland's freedom. He is being tried as an adult and faces a possible 61 year sentence.

"This Is a young man like myself, who we feel is wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit, and that's something we're passionate about, rallying behind and supporting, making sure he receives the proper justice he deserves" said 18 year old New Elm City Dream /YCL member Hassan.

He talked so passionately about himself as he, Mahasa and new friend Matty, talked to a small groups of youths and residents who were walking throughout the block-party all day. They informed everyone about the importance of voting in this year's presidential election, and encouraging others to register to vote. They also talked about the role and benefits of the New Elm City Dream / YCL.

Longtime members of the New Elm City Dream /YCL, Mahasa and Hassan are engaged in everything from door knocking to get residents to vote, to active participation in the struggles of the young people and working class Americans in their long-term fight for change throughout their city and communities daily.

"Getting our peers involved is something that's key, giving them the vital information they need to succeed and fight for change is our mission" Mahasa said so passionately as he talked to a small group of neighborhood kids and residents who curiously looked through the table at People's World newsletters while asking questions about voter registration at the same time.

This made longtime Newhall resident Charles Thompson so proud as he described,"It's good to see our future generations out here doing something positive and productive with themselves instead of dealing with the streets and crime. It shows all our youth are not bad in our communities and it makes me so proud".

The event is organized annually by Patricia Highsmith, who is block watch captain. Participants joined in wishing her happy birthday and appreciating her daily efforts to make her community and the world a better place to live.

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