Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Immigrants, Muslims and Youth Unite against Hate

Immediately after election day, young people have stepped forward against the hate and bigotry that was the foundation of Trump's election campaign, and are standing in solidarity with immigrants, Muslims and all those who have been targeted.

Unidad Latina en Accion courageously rallied immigrant families and community supporters outside New Haven Federal Courthouse to say"We Refuse to be Afraid." The City-Wide Youth Coalition organized high school and Yale students to rally on the New Haven Green and march down Chapel St. chanting "Love Trumps Hate," and "We Reject the President-Elect."

Mass deportations and incarceration of immigrants, threatened by Donald Trump, will not be tolerated in cities like New Haven which has always been welcoming of all people to the community. Mayor Toni Harp declared the City will not change these policies despite threats of retaliation.

On the campus of Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) in the food court at Adanti Sudent Center, the Muslim Student Association held another kind of action. Bahar Musa, sitting behind a table with multi-colored hijabs was inviting women of all faiths to wear one for a few hours and then reflect about how they felt.

"This is National Hijab Day, we do this in solidarity with other women from all backgrounds so they can see what it's like in a Western country to be accepted as a Muslim, and to understand our religion, and not the negative myths that are tied to our religion," she said.

Carla Monzella, a Catholic and a junior at SCSU, proudly put on her pink hijab, helped by Bahar, explaining "I'm wearing one today because of the Trump nomination for president, and his evil message against women, and to stand in solidarity with my Muslim students and community on campus."

Student Alicia Jackson stated "People focus on the negative aspect of Islam, and we're here to show togetherness during this time of divide, and to show our Muslim sisterhood that we too stand side by side with you."

African-American, white, Chinese young and old women can be seen wearing hijabs of all colors all around the campus on this Monday morning. After several hours participants are invited to discuss their experience and hear why Muslim women wear the hijab.

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