Friday, February 13, 2009

No Cuts in Services - No Layoffs of Workers

A big mobilization is underway in Connecticut to stop dire cuts in services and layoffs of state workers proposed by Gov. Rell. One state union, SEIU, called together 200 members for a legislative accountability session. The meeting was led by Carmen Boudier, President 1199 New England Health Care Employee Union and Paul Filson, SEIU State Council Director. Five State Legislators attended the meeting and promised to work with SEIU and the coalition of unions and community groups.

Carmen Boudier noted that a series of legislative accountability sessions are planned for all over the State of Connecticut. She said that SEIU will join with others to fight for a budget that defends jobs and services in these bad economic times. There was a clear message to pass a progressive income tax and to close tax loopholes. All the state unions are meeting with their members to mobilize for a budget that meets peoples needs. It is past due time for a progressive tax structure in our richest state so that the needs of all those who live in Connecticut are met.

-- Tom Connolly