Thursday, February 5, 2009

Support Economic Recovery -- Call Today

TEN WAYS the Economic Recovery Plan helps CT

45,960 jobs saved or created by 2010

54,300 people benefit from new SSI funding

44,560 people get emergency unemployment comp

51.992 Pell Grant recipients for college at $3,287

$152,000,000 increase in food stamp benefits

$601,032,043 for infrastructure (highways, transit)

$718,194,000 state fiscal stabalization fund

$175,591,000 school modernization

$1,207,187, 000 Medicaid funding

$1,217,000 Make Work Pay Tax Credit

Tell Senators Dodd and Lieberman
Pass the Jobs & Economic Recovery Plan

The economy is in serious trouble. Every day we delay taking action means more people are losing jobs, homes and healthcare. President Obama's Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan will create more than 3 million jobs by making major federal investments in transportation, energy efficiency, health care and schools.

The House passed this bill.
Now the Senate must act. Call today!

SEN CHRIS DODD (800) 334-5341

SEN JOE LIEBERMAN (800) 225-5605.

Tell them you vote in Connecticut and top priority is passage of the Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan for relief, good jobs and economic growth.