Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Billionairs for Budget Cuts" Action Today

.........."Billionaires for Budget Cuts" on the steps of the State Capitol today.
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The "Billionaires" marched and drove in their limos down Capitol Avenue today to thank Governor Rell for NOT TAXING THE RICH and CUTTING SERVICES to working people and our most vulnerable citizens. While the staged event was a spoof it carried a very serious message. If Governor Rell continues to refuse to tax the rich and close corporate loopholes thousands and thousands of our citizens will be hurt while the rich continue to live their high class lifestyle.

The Governor is scheduled to release her new budget proposal later today that is expected to continue her goal of cutting services to working people and our most vulnerable citizens.

The following is a picture gallery of today's event.

Four limos, transporting the "billionaires," slowly drove down Capitol Ave. with a police escort.

Two "billionairs" holding their sign with their rally call, "Billionaires for Budget Cuts," led the possion of limos. The "billionaires" arrive at the steps of the state capitol.

The "Billionaires" gather on the steps of the State Capitol with their signs.

"Billionaire" speakers thank Governor Rell for her willingness to cut services to working people and our most vulnerable citizens.

In an article today in CapitolWatch, sponsored by the Hartford Courant, it stated that the West Hartford Republic Town Committee said it "uncovered something 'even more disturbing:" the Billionaires for Budget Cuts protest is being hyped on the website of the Communist Party of Connecticut." That would be us.

Quick note to Governor Rell and the Republican State Committee who joined in on the anti-communist rant to try to dodge the real issues: We know which side you are on. The billionaires, millionaires, and large corporations. When push comes to shove on critical issues those are your guys. Those are the very same guys that got us into this financial mess.

Our slogan is "People Before Profits" so we understand why you are so disturbed by our publicizing the event. We join in coalition with many others who are fighting for peace, justice, and equality and are very proud of our efforts. Unlike you, we get NO corporate funding!

By Tom Connolly

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