Tuesday, July 21, 2009


[Picture above] One of the numerous actions that helped result in the override of Governor Rell's veto of the SustiNet bill on Monday, July 20, 2009.

The SustiNet health care bill and funding for health care for the children of the 32BJ union won approval by the General Assembly's Democratic majority. They over road Governor Rell's vetoes. The 32BJ bill allows 600 state janitors and their families to keep their health insurance under the Standard Wage Law. [See the July 16 blog entry below]

These overrides are a tremendous VICTORY for the working people of Connecticut. It was a real people's street fight to get these victories. Numerous rallies, phone calls, personal visits to legislators, emails, and letters to editor, all made the difference. The Democratic leadership listened and fought for these victories.

Unfortunately, the Healthcare Partnership [Also know as the "Pooling bill"] failed in the Senate by one vote. Senator Hartley, a Democrat from Waterbury, left the Senate floor but was in the state Capitol when the vote took place. When asked why she failed to vote on the bill she parroted Governor Rell's and the Republican line, " I think the state of Connecticut cannot afford it at this time."

On Monday, July 20, Governor Rell sent out a statement noting in part, "I remain particularly concerned about the fiscal impact of the SustiNet Bill...The simple fact is that the families and employers of Connecticut cannot afford the new taxes that will be required by this new program."
HELLO GOVERNOR RELL -- Here is a simple message from the working families and the most venerable citizen's of Connecticut. "You are right, we can't afford more taxes!" So

...............TAX THE RICH!!!

The wealthiest tax payers in Connecticut now pay about 4 % of their income in taxes while middle and low income people pay about 10 percent. Governor Rell continues to refuse to tax the rich and close corporate loopholes to deal with Connecticut's budget deficit but is willing to cut services to our working people and our most venerable citizen's.

Celebrate the victories and continue the fight for a fair budget in Connecticut -- TAX THE RICH!

By Tom Connolly

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