Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ARA Holiday Action Party

[Photo Above: Part of the membership at that ARA holiday party-action meeeting. Click on photo for full screen.]

The Alliance of Retired Americans, an affiliate of the AFL-CIO, held a well attended meeting and holiday party at the offices of AFSCME Council 4 in New Britain on Monday, December 21.

A legislative program was adopted for 2010. An aide to Congressman Chris Murphy gave greetings and emphasized that the vote for health care reform is the most important ever. Messages were written to the Connecticut Congressional delegation, thanking members of the House and Senator Dodd and urging Sen Lieberman to respond to the will of the electorate.

[Photo above: Large poster above that was delivered to Sen. Dodd thanking him for his ongoing support for meaningful health care reform. It was signed my members of ARA. The entire Connecticut delegation recived one and a special visit was made to Sen. Lieberman's office.

During lunch, a delegation went to Sen Lieberman's Hartford office with over 4,000 letters from union members in favor of health care reform and a public option. AFSCME member Lois O'Connor, who had received a "Connecticut Hero" award from Lieberman several years ago, announced to the media she was returning the pewter award because she is so angry that he is going against the best interests of the people of the state and nation.

[Photo Above: AFSCME member Lois O'Connor with the "Connecticut Hero" pewter cup that she received from Sen. Lieberman several years ago explains why she is returing the cup to Sen Lieberman. Siting at her left is Cal Bunnell, President of the CT ARA.]

[Photo Above: ARA members Mary Elia, on left, Bill Tyszka, Marilyn Tyszka and Bernie McKinnon await Sen. Lieberman's staff member to accept his poster and encourage his support for meaningful health care reform. The group asked Sen Lieberman to reconsider his position and to support a strong public option and allow people 55 and over to buy into Medicare. They also ask him to work to eliminate the proposed tax on health care insurance. Members of the ARA signed the poster.]

By Joelle Fishman

Photos by Tom Connolly

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