Thursday, December 31, 2009

Working Together for Justice

The 35th annual African American History Month Celebration
sponsored by the People's World in Connecticut will be held
on Saturday, Feb 27 in Hartford at 6 pm at 405 Capitol Ave,
and on Sunday, Feb 28 at 4 pm in New Haven at 37 Howe Street.

Guest speaker, Gerald Horne, is Chair of History and African
American Studies at the University of Houston. His research
has addressed issues of racism in a variety of relations
involving labor, politics, civil rights, international
relations and war. Dr. Horne received his Ph.D. in history
from Columbia University and his J.D. from University of
California, Berkeley.

The theme, "Working Together for Justice," is the
same slogan chosen for our annual high school arts and
writing competition with awards being presented on Sunday
Feb 28. The competition deadline is Feb 12. For details
e-mail: or call 203-624-8664.

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