Thursday, May 16, 2013


You and I have spent years defending Social Security from Wall Street and right wing budget hawks who want to cut our earned benefits. Now we have an opportunity to go on offense.    

Now is the time to EXPAND Social Security, not cut it. Support Senator Tom Harkin's bill to expand our Social Security system for everyone by around $800 a year.    

Join Campaign For America's Future, Social Security Works and MoveOn and tell congress to support Sen. Harkin's bill to expand Social Security.    

Senator Harkin's bill calls for exactly what we have fought for: Increase benefits by around $800 a year, increase the COLA every year, make the system stronger for decades to come and pay for it by asking millionaires and billionaires to pay the same rate into the system as the rest of us. 

Now is the time to go on offense and take the fight directly to Wall Street.    

Support Sen. Harkin's bill to secure Social Security and increase the benefits we will all depend on.

Roger Hickey Co-Director, 
Campaign for America's Future
Posted by Tom Connolly

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