Wednesday, May 22, 2013


SB 619, which sets up a Future's Commission in our state charged with  developing a plan to move from a war dependent  economy to a peace based economy, has passed both the State House and State Senate.

It is now up to the Governor to sign it.

The  Peace Action alert below suggests that people call their Representative to thank them  for supporting SB619 and  call the Governor's office to ask him to sign SB619. 

You can reach an aide for your representative by calling 860-240-8500 and  you can leave a message with your name and address.

 For the Governor's Office  call Toll Free (800) 406-1527 . Please make this call asking the Governor to sign this bill.

Connecticut is leading the nation on raising the critical issue of  peace conversion.

Please pass this information on.
Posted by Tom Connolly

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