Saturday, October 3, 2009

A SustiNet Victory Party

The SustiNet bill was passed by the Connecticut state legislature after a veto by Governor Rell, a Republican. The legislation creates the framework for a public health insurance option that has the potential to provide health care for everyone in Connecticut and is being called a national model.

[Photos above: Click on screen for full view. Pictures of the SustiNet Victory Party]

At a recent victory party hundreds of activist from around the state gathered in downtown Hartford to celebrated the SustiNet legislative victory. The coalition of labor, community, small business and faith based organizations fought the insurance industry, the Republican Governor, much of he Republican party and won! To top it off, the victory took place in Hartford, the insurance capitol of the world. Juan Figueroa, president of the Universal Health Care Foundation, thanked all parts of the coalition and said, "If we can get it done in the backyard of the insurance industry, we can finish the job together as a country."

There is an eleven member SustiNet board of directors that will report to the General Assembly in July of 2010 to outline an action program to provide health care for everyone in Connecticut. Enrollment in the program will begin in July 2012. If federal health care legislation is passed the Board of SustiNet will submit its recommendations to the General Assembly within 60 days. Go to for further information.

By Tom Connolly

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