Thursday, October 8, 2009

United Health Group Insurance Company - Decleared a Crime Scene

Photo Above: Renae Reese lies "dead" at the crime scene in front of United Health Group insurance company to symbolize the over 44,000 people who die each year because they lack health insurance. [Click on photo for full screen]

The United Health Group insurance company, located at 450 Columbus Ave, in Hartford, was declared a crime scene today by Connecticut Health Care for America Now coalition made up of labor, community and faith-based organizations.

Photos Above: The Connecticut Health care for America Now coalition crime technicians taped off the United Health Group's building and entrance to declare it a crime scene.

The criminal actions of UnitedHealth Group is a matter of public record and includes:

* Its President/CEO has been allowed to accumulate over $1.6 billion in stock options.

* Its former CEO William McGire, resigned under scrutiny by government investigators and the US Senate and was given a multi-million dollar severance package.

* It has allowed its outside Board of Director members to cash in more than $160 million in stock options.

* It paid a record $ 7 million fine to the Securities Exchange Commission.

* It has a long history of securties fraud.

*It is a for-profit company that puts profits before health care.

ENOUGH!! It is past time for a public option and it is past time to take profit out of our health care system. How many more people have to die before Congress passes health insurance reform? Call your congress person now and demand health care reform and a public option! 1 (800) 603-7348.

Photo above: John Olson, President of the CT. AFL-CIO rallies the crowd to push for health care reform and a public option.

Other photos of the action below:

By Tom Connolly

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