Sunday, October 11, 2009

Take Action for Health Care NOW

From Healthcare4every1

he U.S. Senate will soon vote on a national health care reform bill.

Senator Joe Lieberman needs to hear from Connecticut residents NOW. He does not support inclusion of a strong public health insurance option in the Senate's health care reform bill.

A public health insurance option is a cornerstone of strong health care reform.

Strong national health care reform will boost bold state reform - such as Connecticut's SustiNet, which will provide a quality, affordable public health insurance choice.

Tell Senator Lieberman that we need his support for national health care reform that includes a strong public health insurance option.

Help make sure everyone has health care they can count on.

Please call Senator Lieberman today - toll free at: 1-877-264-4226.

Thank you!

Lynne Ide
healthcare4every1 Campaign Manager

From Health Care for America NOW!

It's a crime that insurance companies rack up profits by denying patients treatment even when doctors recommend it, by discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions, and by keeping premiums and out of pocket costs high so that care is unaffordable even for those who have insurance. Enough is enough!

Anti-care. Join us to thank Anthem CEO Larry Glasscock. Friday, Oct 16 - National Boss Day

Criminal. Expose the truth about CIGNA. Thursday, Oct 22.

Trick or Treat. Thursday, Oct 29. Halloween event at health insurance executives' homes

Info: 860-995-3389 or

From Organizing for America

Good afternoon,

Health care bills will start to merge soon so we must let Congress know now how strongly we feel about the need for meaningful health insurance reform. Please help by participating in any of the following events some time in the next ten days:

Tuesday, October 13 6-8pm

Phone Bank for Health Care in Trumbull with Special Guest State Party Chair Nancy DiNardo

Thursday October 15 6-8pm

Weekly Phone Bank for Health Care at Blue State Coffee in New Haven

Saturday, October 17 9am-12noon

Camp OFA Training in Messaging, Phone Banking and Canvassing at OFA HQ in Hartford

Saturday, October 17 12:30 - 4:30

Phone Bank for Health Care at OFA HQ in Hartford

Tuesday October 20 6-8pm

Phone Bank for Health Care at OFA HQ in Hartford

If you have any questions or would like to get involved in any other way, please let me know.

Thanks so much for all of your efforts - past, present and future!


Jen Just

Connecticut State Director

Organizing for America

Phone: (203) 824-9775


Anonymous said...

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, wants to include a version of a government option called a co-op owned by insured members. What a wonderful idea says Mike Oliphant whom manages Utah health insurance plans for . This may encourage competition from private health insurance carriers. But I fear it will fail ultimately if there is no TORT reform because the same liability costs that plague medical professionals and health insurance carriers will be like a fast cancer growth within the co-op plan. A government option wouldn’t allow legal suite against the plan but will with medical providers. Doesn’t anyone see that we need TORT reform to protect the cost outcome? See what Utah has done with health care reform

Canada life insurance said...

Hello. I agree that there is a great need for a new health insurance system in the US. More than 15% of the American population is still without any insurance coverage! The problem is there are a few huge insurance companies which don't allow small companies to enter market. There shouldn't be monopoly concerning the health care!
Wishing all the best,